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Deptford Branch

1470 Clements Bridge Road
Deptford, NJ 08096

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Latest Customer Reviews

LIFEISSHORT's Profile Image

Deptford branch reviewed by LIFEISSHORT

Aug 14th 2014

Td Bank Is The Worst

Td bank is the worst bank (it is the bank from hell) i was on the phone for over four hour's with call this number,call this number again again and again. Everyone i talked to was stuck on stupid and lied. They would not let me take out my own money put in from j. P. Morgan. J. P. Morgan said all they have to do is call them and they will give them the ok that the money is good lol,as if td can hold a candle j. P. Morgan. So the the branch said they would call for the ok to release the funds. Lie they never called and the bit#h had the nerve to say well after i call i will not give you all the money. I'm like what the he#l is she crazy it's not her money. So after four hours she was so sweet to give me a frig#n $1,ooo dollar's. I told them i could go to a check cashing place and get the whole amount. Save to say i'm closeing all five of my acct: with the td nut job's. To bad td because sometimes my husband used the atm like it was the casino giveing him money your loss my gain.

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