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Newport Branch


88 Main Street
Newport, ME, 04953

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SUN Closed
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The Camden National Bank Customer Reviews

maryporter23's Profile Image

Reviewed by maryporter23

Mar 25th 2013

Terrible customer service

After multiple attempts to get a fee reversed that was the bank's fault, I've given up. I got no response either from an online message or a call directly to the branch where a manager could supposedly help me. I was told they would "call back" and they never did.

The ATM screens are not user-friendly, and the customer service reps on the phone misinformed me about deposit details. I'm over this bank and ready to move somewhere else.

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PJalette's Profile Image

Reviewed by PJalette

May 16th 2013

the Automobile Loan officer was ignorant and out of line

My fiance had tried to get a loan. The loan officer had advised him that he had money in the bank and should purchase a used one out right with his saved money. The whole idea for attempting to get a loan was to try to build more credit . Not only was that unprofessional, but it was down right wrong on her part even after he explained why he wanted a loan, she said " well you'll have to use your established account! " We are in the process of switching our accounts out of that bank.

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Piffin's Profile Image

Reviewed by Piffin

Oct 21st 2012

Great People And Good Service

Local folks and good communications. This is a bank i actually trust! Have been doing my banking here since 1988 without a negative experience. My only reservation is that they have been growing a bit too fast, and as they grow, they have increased some of their fees.

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