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Long Beach Branch

198 Klondyke Rd
Long Beach, MS, 39560

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ilkrilkr0475's Profile Image

Reviewed by ilkrilkr0475

Jun 22nd 2011

In house home loan. need to reduce monthly payment

Home loan, in-house. I made a substantial payment of $27,000 on principle but Hayden [Redacted] advised me that he had no obligation to reduce my monthly payment or help me in any way. Said his only obligation to me was to let me borrow the money and now we have to pay it back on his terms.

My husband was transferred to FL and we have 3 small children. But we have to move back into a house in Hattiesburg because we have been unable to sell it. They have made us refinance every year for 5 years and each time we have to pay exorbitant fees!

They even said they "do not participate" in the government programs designed to help people in our situation - lower their payment so they can avoid foreclosure. How do these people sleep at night after treating people the way they do? Don't use the first!

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