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The Fort Sill National Bank Branch

Fsnb - Jacksonville Walmart Branch

2025 N. Marine Blvd
Jacksonville, NC, 28546

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The Fort Sill National Bank Customer Reviews

KaysonsGranna's Profile Image

Reviewed by KaysonsGranna

Dec 31st 2013

Pleasant and Helpful employees. They were great explained each account.

They were so helpful and patient with me. They answered all questions fully. Charlie and Deseraie were the greatest ever.

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lavettajbrown's Profile Image

Reviewed by lavettajbrown

Oct 27th 2013

unconcen about teller mistake

payed electric bill and gas bill the teller sent both payments to aymos gas but one payment had electric txu # on it 10.33 ask 3X's in the bank about payment but because of it being 10.33 they seem to have a why you complaining attitude had electric paid it would have deferred for November until December if 10.33 was payed on time I have over 1,000 I must put out for automobile had planned to purchase groceries with deferred money from electric bill in November due to me being on fix income it now appears they adjusted payment 10.33 and sent it to gas company not electric so no payment at all to electric company now deferment off the table and no one seems concern at the bank and just saying this is not teller first mistake on my account and her reply always is defensive and the customer is annoying so what happens now? will not pay utilities at bank again.

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unpleasecustomer's Profile Image

Reviewed by unpleasecustomer

Apr 21st 2014


My whole experience sucks. Nothing but trouble. Hours are awful. Most tellers rude. I counted out my deposit money exactly. The teller was trying to multitask and was doing a terrible job of it. She was trying to do my deposit, talk on the phone, give directions, and she dropped my money, my slip, and finally had to hang up. Then she tells me my deposit was off by 50$. She counted out her drawer and said no, I didn't make a mistake. She shafted me 50$ and wasn't even apologetic. They only hire Black people, wait, maybe a White person every blue moon. The ladies sit there gossiping and more worried about their hair and nails. What a joke. I have been on the phone now for 15 min trying to get a simple question answered and NO ONE can answer. How long after I make a deposit until it shows in my account? That's sad. THE BEST BANK IS WOODFOREST NATL BANK. It is in many of the Walmarts but not TN. THAT'S WHAT'S SAD.

They don't have a night deposit. The reason I was given, they had too much trash left in it. IMAGINE THAT. Trash for trash.

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