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University Of Washington Branch

Central Business District Neighborhood

4001 East Stevens Way Ne, Husky Union Blvd., Rm#105
Seattle, WA 98185

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Latest Customer Reviews

mauirob's Profile Image

University Of Washington branch reviewed by mauirob

Oct 19th 2013

Poor and incompetent; bank computer hacked to access my account

My business account has been with US Bank for 35 years and in all those years my payouts to clients have been through issuance of paper checks. At no time during those years had I made any electronic withdrawals. As I went through my account statement today, there were 10+ electronic withdrawals over the past month totaling just over $1000. These withdrawals were totally without my knowledge or consent and apparently obtained by a hacker accessing my account through the bank's computer. My complaint to the bank personnel was met by ignorance and confusion and suggestions that: I close my account and open a new one; contact the entity who had made the withdrawals; that the bank could not prevent electronic withdrawals even though I expressly informed the bank that such were not authorized; etc. Total confusion and incompetence exhibited by US Bank personnel regarding this fraud perpetrated by hacking the bank's computer system.

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