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7th & Midland Branch

100 N.E. Midland Avenue
Grants Pass, OR, 97526

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Umpqua Bank Customer Reviews

294680's Profile Image

Reviewed by 294680

Apr 12th 2012

I Love This Bank, Great Customer Service.

I have never had a problem with this bank, and they offer other services for free such as notary, fax, and wifi. I have moved all of my personal investments to umpqua bank investments. I had boa but they got too big and lost focus on customer service.

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zpalqm's Profile Image

Reviewed by zpalqm

Jul 16th 2013


Umpqua puts more energy into looking like a friendly neighborhood bank then they do actually learning how to behave like a friendly neighborhood bank. Don't be fooled--this bank will give you the same level of hassle that other large banks will. Go to a credit union!

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lesliepower123's Profile Image

Reviewed by lesliepower123

Nov 3rd 2013

Declining rapidly

Our business has been with Umpqua for many years and up until recently it has been a mutually beneficial experience. I am now shopping for a new bank for my business and personal accounts. You have become like all the other larger banks with your ridiculous fees (a currency deposit fee? A fee for depositing currency!), limits (we now have to juggle account balances in order to avoid the new fees you have imposed to have our $) and overall disregard for the relationship we had developed. Now, you get hacked into requiring us to get a new ATM/bankcard. I can not tell you the inconvenience this has caused! Our card is linked with all of our vendors and changing each and every one of these is an enormous task. My staff is having to weather your storm while I, the business owner, am paying for it. This is not definitely not the worlds friendliest bank lately.

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