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Midtown Branch


62 West 47th Street
New York City, NY 10036

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SUN Closed
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Valley National Bank Customer Reviews

Sallijane's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sallijane

May 13th 2012

Passbook Savings

I have had this account for many, many years; transferred from branch to branch as i changed my workplaces around northern new jersey

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johnjster's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnjster

Sep 19th 2013

Total incompetence

The staff at this branch can not even make sure that there are envelopes in the ATM and it is downhill from there.

This branch is understaffed by men and women who seem to have been hired not yesterday, not this morning, but right before you came into the bank.

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AlejandroCorral's Profile Image

Reviewed by AlejandroCorral

Sep 1st 2011

Shut down account with no explanation.

They simply said we don’t want your business anymore. When we first tried to open it, they suggested that because our CFO was from PA and our offices were in NY that they didn’t want our business, that should have been the first clue but never did we think they would just flat out close us.

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