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Airport Cody Branch

Sheldon Neighborhood

7105 Airport Boulevard
Mobile, AL 36695

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SUN Closed
SAT Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

Jessica n Kenny B's Profile Image

Airport Cody branch reviewed by Jessica n Kenny B

Apr 21st 2012

Awful Experience

I opened an account to have one close to home. Somehow i went overdrawn $3 and was charged a $35 fee, i was very upset, then 2-3 days later the bank starts processing small charges $3, $5, one for $10 that had been "pending" for over 9 days but yet had showed me they were alreadydecdected from my balance but not cleared. So wtf? I got over $200 in overdraft fees and for 3 weeks fought them to fix.

They adjusted one $25 fee off. I was pissed. I decided to clear it up and pay $258 that was overdrawn. Made a deposit over $500 cash & went to use card, declined? What? I called the bank. I was told becasue i was overdrawn for more than 2 weeks, they deactivated my card. Are you kidding me? They will have to send out another one or i will have to go to a branch. Well its saturday & the bank is closed now. So i cannot get my money out or do anyhting till monday? What a crock this bank is

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