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Arvada Branch


7878 Wadsworth Boulevard
Arvada, CO, 80003

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SUN Closed
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Arvada Customer Reviews

B6b's Profile Image

Reviewed by B6b

Jun 6th 2012

Very Frustrating! Overall Very Poor.

I have been trying to add my out-of-state son to the access list for my safety deposit box for over a year. If the incompetent people employed by this bank can't even figure out how to accomplish this task within their bureaucratic nightmare why would anyone ever consider allowing this bank to manage anything to do with assets?

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ihatewellsfargo's Profile Image

Reviewed by ihatewellsfargo

Apr 13th 2012

Worst Bank Ever!

I would not bank with this bank again if my life depended on it. They are crooks. I had a credit card with them as a graduate student. At one point, in 2007, i reached a settlement agreement with them where it was decided that i would pay 75% of what i had owed on the credit card. I paid that amount, which was 80% of my take-home pay because it was agreed that that would pay off the account. Fast-forward 4 years, and now wells fargo has decided that i now owe the entire amount. They now seem to know nothing about the payoff. This is unlawful, and will not be tolerated. If this does not get settled soon, then i will sue wells fargo for unlawful practices. If there is anyone else out there with similar experiences, please email me to let me know so that we can get a class action suit together. Banks need to learn that they are not above the law. My email address is leilei4484@yahoo. Com

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Wells Fargo Customer Reviews

Andrew L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Andrew L

Aug 22nd 2008


Great bank with a multiplicity of options. As a student, I appreciated the overdraft program which gives you a 'cushion' of credit for overdraft protection instead of innumerable fees.

There are definitely other reasons to use Wachovia, such as availability of ATMs, (almost) free-checking, etc. But these are the main benefits.

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