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Fort Walton Beach Branch

Racetrack Road Neighborhood

91 N.W. Racetrack Road
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

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SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

laurajl2jsgmailcom's Profile Image

Fort Walton Beach branch reviewed by laurajl2jsgmailcom

May 19th 2014

Horrible customer service!!!!!

Made a deposit last Monday and the girl Candace put the cash in someone elses account! Went in this morning and she didn't know what she was doing!!!! Got another teller [Portia] and this girl acted like she hated it there!!!! [looked like she just rolled out of bed and acted like she should have stayed there] she also moved like a turtle. While waiting for these people to figure out how to fix this problem [which never should have happened in the first place as the account # the $$$$ was put in looked nothing like the one it was supposed to go in] I looked around and saw another teller sitting there twirling her long keychain around while smacking gum then when she saw a customer come in she made a quick exit. By the time the line grew a bit a gentleman ask Portia if she could get someone to help him and her answer was short. By that time the other girl made an exit as well. The only one that seemed happy and was working was the older blonde on the window. Candace never apologized for her mistake. Not happy...........Also the 'rate your experience' below won't let me take off the 1's I rated as I woud'nt even give this bank one star....

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