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Winona Goodview Branch

875 34th Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

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SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

MichaelGaulke's Profile Image

Winona Goodview branch reviewed by MichaelGaulke

Nov 7th 2013

Terrible Customer Service

We banked with Wells Fargo for years but when we asked to re-finance our mortgage because we needed help and a better interest rate, they treated us like dirt. They bounced us from one 800 number to another. Finally, we sold our house, closed all of our accounts and walked away from what we consider; one of the most selfish, "it's all about the money" organizations in the Country. I will never recommend Wells Fargo to anyone. They paint a pretty picture but when you need their help, they're not interested. Why should they give a better interest rate when their customer is paying the bill just fine already. Because "it's all about the money". Shame on you Wells Fargo!

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