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Charlotte Cic Branch

University City North Neighborhood

1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd 1a1
Charlotte, NC 28262

Customer service

Branch Hours
SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

trueakitalover's Profile Image

Charlotte Cic branch reviewed by trueakitalover

May 5th 2014

They can't give a reason why they close your accounts without notice.

This is the worst they said due to a business decision that they were closing my accounts out. No further explanation or anything else. Now they said I could never open an account with them ever again. I can smell a lawsuit brewing over this. They need to be more open to why they refuse to do business with people.

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MsAnn's Profile Image

Charlotte Cic branch reviewed by MsAnn

Sep 18th 2013

The only contacts available were trainees and there is no one else to speak with who is in charge.Very Unprofessional

I am 70 years old. Worked 50 years before retiring 5 years ago. I have a monthly income of $3859. Owned my home for over 25 years. I hold the title on the house free and clear. Wells Fargo appraised the property at $360,000. I have a credit score of 747. I applied for a loan for $55,000 so I could pay off all of my existing bills which total about $31,000. Wells Fargo qualified me for a 15-year fixed conventional loan at 4.125%. The monthly payment would be about $785. This would be the only obligation I would have. Therefore, I would have $3078 in disposal income to finish out my retirement years. Unfortunately, a loan processer said he was going to have to recommend the loan be declined because I don't have $3890 in cash on hand to pay off one of the existing loans to qualify for a loan. Even thought the existing loan would be paid out of escrow proceed when the loan closes. This is complete incompotance and the bank does not provide an option for someone to appeal the decision.

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Charlotte Cic branch reviewed by CPTARTTAYLORUSARET

Jun 21st 2013

Not Satisfied! Unprofessional Protocols! You Are Not The IRS, Don't Act Like You Are!

Opened up an "irrevocable trust with ein#, trustees and notarized settlers doc" with local branch. But, within 10 days we received ltr form "risk operations" stating they require additional information. "acceptable id doc's! 1. First & then second ltr addressed to beneficiaries home address... Not trust address! 3. No point of contact (poc)! 4. No phone number and ext.! 5. Only 800 number that has no correlation or bearing to request! 6. Upon notifying local branch, being informed that everything was OK and correct. Within a week, we receive a "second notice"! 7. Unless you give people adequate information with ability to contact poc or office you are either irresponsible, inept or both!

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ElmonOThompson's Profile Image

Charlotte Cic branch reviewed by ElmonOThompson

May 12th 2013

Good but I get a email causing an alarm. Please clarify

Below arrived in my email. when clicking of the address it stated it might be fraudulent. Could you advise me as to it reliability [Redacted] withheld unless its secure [Redacted].

Dear valued customer :

We are contacting you to remind you that our Account Review Team identified some unusual activity in your account. In accordance with Wells Fargo Bank User Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been accessed from fraudulent locations, access to your account has been limited. Your account access will remain limited until this issue has been resolved.

To verify your identity please follow the link and sign in :

Please help me. What is this about? What must I do?

The grades cannot be determined until I see how it plays out. So far all things have been satisfactory.

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MarthaGerald's Profile Image

Charlotte Cic branch reviewed by MarthaGerald

Apr 20th 2013

Heretofore, I have been pleased with Wachovia/now Well Fargo. As of Jan. 2013, all of that has changed.

I called in Jan 2013 requesting the amt. of my RMD for 2013 for my IRA CD & the form. I was told the form would be mailed with the amt. on it. I explained I did not want the amt. filled in since I have 2 other retirement vehicles, I might choose to withdraw more or less than the amt. for this acct. After a number of transfers, I finally got Michelle Peyton (sp?) who quoted the amt. & said a letter would be sent quoting the amt. & a form would follow in several weeks. She gave me her direct # and said to call her if I had problems. I called & left messages on 4/8, 4/10, 4/16. When I called 4/18 the voice mail said she was out of the office until Fri 4/19. No luck so far.

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gigiwalt's Profile Image

Charlotte Cic branch reviewed by gigiwalt

Mar 4th 2013

Very, Very, Very Poor And Unprofessional

I have dealt with a local salisbury (nc) branch, the philadelphia (pa) legal department and the charlotte (nc) customer connection department over years. Not only did they not protect me, the customer, which is their fiduciary responsibility, but they have been down right rude, not to mention unprofessional. And the cherry on top is that they won't give back my minor daughter her $20+ savings account money, though i've requested it several times.

I'm not being petty and i'm a customer service expert who currently works for a very large corporation. Wells fargo does owe me a $100+ unjustly charged fee, but more importantly it should give back my daughter's money. It's unbelievable to me that legally this can happen to anyone. I'm sure that because what my family has been robbed of is so minor, we seem like an easy target. I won't give up and i find i'm not alone.

I only hope that, one day, all of those i'm finding who have been similarly mistreated and robbed of their very, hard-earned money can somehow receive what is owed and keep others from the same horrible situation. Potential wells fargo customers. Beware!

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