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Beacon Plaza Branch

Northeast Raleigh

3959 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC, 27610

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SUN Closed
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Wells Fargo Customer Reviews

Andrew L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Andrew L

Aug 22nd 2008


Great bank with a multiplicity of options. As a student, I appreciated the overdraft program which gives you a 'cushion' of credit for overdraft protection instead of innumerable fees.

There are definitely other reasons to use Wachovia, such as availability of ATMs, (almost) free-checking, etc. But these are the main benefits.

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kelley h's Profile Image

Reviewed by kelley h

Mar 11th 2010

keep ur money, don't be ripped off

we have had wachovia for maybe a year and since, whenever our direct deposit is set to be deposited they find ways to charge us fees. the latest they charged us nsf fees for funds that cleared our account and they fees that caused our account to go into negative, then they charged us more fees for having a negative balance. might i add, i called and spoke to someone months earlier to take off overdraft protection so if funds were unavailable the card would be declined. i would not recommend anyone to use this rip off bank and definitely don't do direct deposit.

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Richard H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Richard H

Apr 13th 2009

deposit and charge manipulation.

For the couple of months I have banked there, every single charge including checks would show up as pending, and then would finalize the next day (deposits are the same way). So I check my activity on the 8th, and 3 charges have came in as pending. Then on the 9th, a check shows up as having finalized on the 8th, and the 3 previous charges have bounced. Further, my direct deposit has shown up pending on Thursday and finalizes on Friday every week. This time, it doesn't show up on Thursday at all (but does show up pending on Friday morning meaning it will finalize on Saturday, a day late). Had I not caught this and done a direct deposit advance (which cost me 46$), that would have cost me another 12 bounced charges.

So I check with others at my work (this is an employee account), and I am the only one that got a direct deposit a day late. 2 people confirmed for sure that their deposit showed pending on Thursday.

I go in and talk to the bank. The first guy I talked to said, yes we will push larger checks back as they are often more important checks like rent (which of course causes many more small charges that have already cleared to bounce). He asked what I would have preferred, that they let the large one bounce? I told him yes. He went to talk to another employee. I walked over as I had not mentioned the direct deposit yet, and told him I had another issue as well.

This guy just changed the subject when I mentioned what the other guy had said, and he said that checks won't show in online banking till a day or two after they post. I tried to show him printouts that showed pending checks. I tried to show him a printout from the 8th that showed funds for the 3 charges but no sign of the larger check, then another printout on the 9th with the large check being pushed back to the 8th. He ignored all the printed proof I had. He never looked at my proof close enough to read anything. He called me a lair and treated me like garbage.

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