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Broadway And Grand Branch

Lower Manhattan

463 Broadway
New York, NY 10013

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SUN Closed
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Broadway And Grand Customer Reviews

stylezp69's Profile Image

Reviewed by stylezp69

Jan 24th 2014


This bank will repossess your vehicle , even after you make the payments on it , then sell it for next to nothing just to screw you on your money and still make you pay 90% of your loan. So for a $20,000 loan they will sell it off for 8,000 and leave you with the rest ....What a bunch of con artists...They should of been shut down with the banking frauds just like their home loan scams ....This bank needs to be sued and shut down...

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K8620357's Profile Image

Reviewed by K8620357

Dec 6th 2013

Banking representative was extremely rude and condescending

I checked my bank account online and had seen that I had received three overdraft charges of $35 each within 20 minutes for three small purchases. I called because I work for a non profit and am paid on a stipend so those charges I couldn't even afford over $100 in penalties. I called and explained my situation, and that I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years in good standing. The representative told me that I shouldn't be spending money that I didn't have, and that was my responsibility to check in between purchases, not there's. They kept insisting there was nothing they could do, even when I said I couldn't afford to keep my account with Wells Fargo. I did not feel like a "valued customer" at all and plan on closing my account.

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Sara1234's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sara1234

Oct 1st 2013


They charge fees on top of the ATM fees.its bad enough we have to pay a fee to take our pena money out! for that everyone should get a Safe and place it in there home that way there are no fees And banks go bankrupt. Ridiculous.

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Twain's Profile Image

Reviewed by Twain

Apr 2nd 2013

Horrible & rip off

This is a rip off bank. Please stay as far as possible from them.I think they are going to be bankrupt soon. They charge heavily any kind of late payments and ont most important thing to note they do not have proper system in place to make a future scheduled one time payment. If you miss your payment they will rip you off with their late fees. However they will not develop that system so that you can make such kind of payments and hence the crooked business of ripping people will keep growing.They can never be a leading retail bank with this kind of strategy.

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Wells Fargo Customer Reviews

Andrew L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Andrew L

Aug 22nd 2008


Great bank with a multiplicity of options. As a student, I appreciated the overdraft program which gives you a 'cushion' of credit for overdraft protection instead of innumerable fees.

There are definitely other reasons to use Wachovia, such as availability of ATMs, (almost) free-checking, etc. But these are the main benefits.

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kelley h's Profile Image

Reviewed by kelley h

Mar 11th 2010

keep ur money, don't be ripped off

we have had wachovia for maybe a year and since, whenever our direct deposit is set to be deposited they find ways to charge us fees. the latest they charged us nsf fees for funds that cleared our account and they fees that caused our account to go into negative, then they charged us more fees for having a negative balance. might i add, i called and spoke to someone months earlier to take off overdraft protection so if funds were unavailable the card would be declined. i would not recommend anyone to use this rip off bank and definitely don't do direct deposit.

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