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Broadway And Grand Branch

Lower Manhattan

463 Broadway
New York, NY, 10013

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SUN Closed
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Broadway And Grand Customer Reviews

Nesher's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nesher

Jul 2nd 2013

The worst experience ever

Bad customer service, no one returns your calls, no access to supervisors. I wish I could find a way to refinance my mortgage so I don't have to deal with them. At this point, I'm willing to pay higher interest rates to any other bank, just so I don't have to deal with Wells Fargo.

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haider's Profile Image

Reviewed by haider

Apr 11th 2013

wells fargo sucks

avoid the bank at all costs. Too many fees, not enough service! Wheneve I go their branches, the financial advisor appear to be unavailable and if they are, some are just not well informed/properly trained (same goes for their tellers). They do not miss a single chance to tack on fees whenever they can but apparently providing better service is something beyond them. This is specially true for their phone support "bankers" who will almost never be helpful and appear to follow some sort of a scripted response for basic questions. #wellsfargosucks

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KyawThuYa's Profile Image

Reviewed by KyawThuYa

Sep 5th 2012

Worst Bank for Updating

I always got beaten by Wellsfargo and no other bank. I paid the bill on Friday and posted me on Monday with Friday Date. Then, I withdrew money and it became negative and over draft. Can't understand wellsfargo. If they posted the transaction, it has to be the same date of update day but.... Hell No. They updated the transaction on today with yesterday date. I guess, they tried to cheat and tried to get over draft so that they can charge to us. Not a good Bank at all. For other bank, if they update today, the transaction is today date so that no over draft fee if you noticed the same day that you have over draft but not in wellsfargo bank. Once you saw the update transaction on the date that it is posted, you are too late to rescue.

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