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Centre Square Branch

Center City

1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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SUN Closed
SAT Closed
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Centre Square Customer Reviews

joeboy1957's Profile Image

Reviewed by joeboy1957

May 11th 2014

Store [Redacted] -- over time

The service in the teller area is becoming worse with every visit. This past Friday the teller line was the entire length of the branch with only three tellers open at three pm on a Friday. They were talking and laughing and we are waiting for service. The other services in this branch had four people to serve and one customer. Why can't a person be serviced in this branch anymore? I am considering a change it appears that once they kept their Wachovia customers they feel they have kept us. Not anymore. By the way, I was making a deposit, my mistake.

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linhdinh99's Profile Image

Reviewed by linhdinh99

Jul 15th 2013

Disappearing Money

I'll have to switch from Wells Fargo. I tried to wire some money and though it was promptly deducted from my account, plus fee, of course, the money never made it to its destination, and I couldn't even get it back into my account after 20 days. I'm still waiting. Wells Fargo has no idea what has gone wrong, and I've wasted a lot of time calling them and even going to their office. Soon as I recover my money, I'm switching banks. What a nightmare! Stay away from these guys or you'll be very sorry!

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Wells Fargo Customer Reviews

Andrew L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Andrew L

Aug 22nd 2008


Great bank with a multiplicity of options. As a student, I appreciated the overdraft program which gives you a 'cushion' of credit for overdraft protection instead of innumerable fees.

There are definitely other reasons to use Wachovia, such as availability of ATMs, (almost) free-checking, etc. But these are the main benefits.

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