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Southpark Meadows Branch

Southpark Meadows Neighborhood

161 West Slaughter Lane
Austin, TX 78748

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SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

christopher57's Profile Image

Southpark Meadows branch reviewed by christopher57

May 22nd 2013

Excessive Bank Fees, Poor Customer Service

I was told that if i had direct deposit i would have free checking. I am being charge $13 for my paperless checking account way above normal bank fees. I regret having direct deposit with wells fargo bank account. I have been a customer for over 12 years. The bank manager told me that this is my 3rd time complaining about bank fees. Its customer service is the poorest. They hate to resolve bank issues. I order a bank debit card. I was told i could design my own card. I review their policy, and pick a design that meet the bank policy. I was told that there was a unwritten policy that i broke ( no cigars or tobacco). They make this stuff up as they go?

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ColeNox's Profile Image

Southpark Meadows branch reviewed by ColeNox

Feb 25th 2013

Close Your Accounts With Wells Fargo. Horrible Customer Service

Today i tried to deposit money into my sisterâ? S checking account. She bought a new car over the weekend and i am giving her the down payment. Wells fargo wanted to put a hold on the deposit until march 6th and today is february 25th. Isn't it funny that money can be transferred from your account to a business instantaneously, but when you are making a deposit to a family member it takes 9 days. This is just one of many bad experiences i have had with wells fargo. What everyone needs to do is stop doing business with these arrogant people. Move your funds to a credit union. Donâ? T take out loans or mortgages with these people unless you enjoy being treated like cattle. The only way companies like this will change is when we all vote with our wallets. Hurt them financially and then you will have their attention.

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rbc303's Profile Image

Southpark Meadows branch reviewed by rbc303

May 3rd 2011


My 18 year old son college student walked into Wells Fargo to get information on his checking account. He needed help in finding out what fees we was charged and why. He ended up walking out with a credit card that he had no idea how to use responsibly. The bank worker was only too ready to meet their quota on an unsuspecting youth. He was caught in the trap and a very expensive lesson. He ended up with hundreds of dollars in transfer fees because he did not realize there was charge for transferring money from credit card to checking. He called and asked to be relieved of at least one or two of these $10 fees since he is just learning and starting out his credit life, and they refused to help him. We teach our children about all the sexual predators to watch out for, but we sometimes forget that there is another predator out there that can ruin your life as well, the banker, out to meet their quota for the month.

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