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0439 New Boston Wal-Mart Branch

4490 Gallia Street
New Boston, OH 45662

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0439 New Boston Wal-Mart branch reviewed by Heyyou

Dec 31st 2014

New Boston, Ohio Branch they treat you like a criminal

Woodforest Bank, may be a very good bank to deal with at certain locations but the New Boston, Ohio branch inside Walmart is the worst bank I have ever dealt with in my life. Its been horrid from the beginning. I have been waited on by 4 different male employees, 1 female.

First off they NEVER greet you with a smile, they never say hi. They NEVER say thank you after the transaction. The male employees dress like slobs. They dont even tuck their shirts in and they wear clothes that are not professional or consistent with a bank.. When I opened up the free checking account, I asked for two part checks, the male employee said they are not available, which I later found out they were. Then on a later trip to the bank after hours, the ATM machine did not work. So needing money to travel out of town I couldn't leave, as I had no access to my money.Then the next trip after hours, the ATM was out of money. Another trip I took a 50 cent role of pennies and a $2.00 roll of nickels. The male teller with the initials A. P. proceed to open both rolls of coins and look inside. I thought, how strange, I said is something wrong, he said just checking to see if its really coins inside the rolls. I said I am a customer not a criminal, this is unbelievable, I have never had a teller check and see if it was really coins in the rolls. I mean if this is bank policy, at least bend down and do it out of site behind the counter or go to the back room. I was on camera, I just made a deposit and they have my account number if something was wrong. I said I am a customer and I demand to be treated like one. He ignored me, never said another word and or course never said thank you, as they never do. Another trip 5 people in line zero tellers working, both tellers sitting at tables opening up accounts for new customers, 6 minutes until one came to help. Next trip B.C. hassled me over me trying to deposit a$7.50 rebate check. Stay Away.

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