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Woodforest National Bank Branch

Humble Wal-Mart Branch

9451 Fm 1960 Bypass
Humble, TX, 77338

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Woodforest National Bank Customer Reviews

Daniels's Profile Image

Reviewed by Daniels

Mar 26th 2011

Best Bank Ever!

It cracks me up when I hear people say that Woodforest "took their money". Well if you keep track of what you spend, don't write checks when you don't have the money in your account, don't give your account information online or to anyone else, you shouldn't have a problem. If you over spend...YES! you are going to get an OD fee! If you write a bad check...YES! you are going to get an NSF fee! Woodforest places items in pending until they are completed so customers can see what is being processed into their accounts and give them extra time to deposit money if needed before any fees may be accessed! That sounds like a good thing to me! And Woodforest doesn't even check credit! If you have the second chance checking account that is probably because you have had issues with other banks as well! So before you go blame Woodforest...maybe you should keep track of your money!!

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lesherron's Profile Image

Reviewed by lesherron

Feb 25th 2014

Ugh!! WF Phishing Trip Goes Wrong

I love WF's physical banks and people. I have always had trouble when I call their 877 number. I received an e-mail alerting me my account PW had been changed. Since I had not changed it I was concerned, waited for 10-12 minutes patiently to be told that was not from them. Five minutes later, OOPS! That is from us but it wasn't you on the account who changed their PW.

What? Someone else has a profile on my account? YUP. Help me, who is it?? We cannot tell you that. Ugh. So, you care enough to send me an e-mail but not to help me out when I call you?

The worst part? The part that really hurts? I've banked with WF since 1999, both personal and business but that didn't seem to matter.

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BRITTANY S's Profile Image

Reviewed by BRITTANY S

Aug 30th 2009

Worst Bank Ever

I would not recommend this bank to anyone... Not even someone i hated. They aren't everywhere like they tell you they conned me in by telling me they were in every walmart....... Thats bull!!!! Im in the military and they arent... They also have sooooo many hidden fees i was shocked that they can even do that to you........ I have never called customer service and talked to anyone nice....... They people in the local branch here are the rudest people i have ever met i cant believe they would hire such awful people. Frankly i hate this bank and am now changing to usaa....... I have had this bank for over a year now and i hated every second i wish i had never made the switch. I wouldnt advise anyone to bank here you will regret it!!!!!

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