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Centerville Branch

440 West Parrish Lane
Centerville, UT, 84014

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Zions Bank Customer Reviews

Lorey's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lorey

Oct 2nd 2014

Customer Service

I've been working with lori at the west valley branch off of 2700. West. I had a couple of small issues, that wasn't part of her department, but she kept me on the phone and trying different departments until it was resolved. She's very pleasant to work with.

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SBerry's Profile Image

Reviewed by SBerry

Oct 19th 2013


I've been with Zions bank for about ten years, and never been treated so atrociously as I was at [Redacted]. The manager, [Redacted]? after prancing around calling people "Amigo" in the drive through came over to "help" me. He then proceeded to refuse to make a deposit for a third party check that my friend had signed over to me for a measly $125 and told me point blank that it is their policy to treat all members as though they are dishonest. I have had reasonable experiences at other branches, but this was absolutely ridiculous, to the point I would like to use some words that are not fit for public consumption.

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kami's Profile Image

Reviewed by kami

Jan 9th 2014

HATE this bank. I wish this bank would implode. Sink like the Titanic.

This bank charged me for a fraudulent card transaction... applied to the card three years after closing my account, and refused to remove the charge because I did not protest the charge until 18 months after the charge was made. Well, the 18 month wait was because they never sent any information to the place where I lived since closing my account, which was in a foreign country. I found out when the default hit my credit. So... I could give zero shits if this bank sank to the bottom of the sea and took all the customers who love it along for the ride. Screw you, Zions. I hate you till the end of days.

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