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Salina Branch

155 West Main Street
Salina, UT, 84654

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SUN Closed
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Zions Bank Customer Reviews

Lorey's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lorey

Oct 2nd 2014

Customer Service

I've been working with lori at the west valley branch off of 2700. West. I had a couple of small issues, that wasn't part of her department, but she kept me on the phone and trying different departments until it was resolved. She's very pleasant to work with.

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SBerry's Profile Image

Reviewed by SBerry

Oct 19th 2013


I've been with Zions bank for about ten years, and never been treated so atrociously as I was at [Redacted]. The manager, [Redacted]? after prancing around calling people "Amigo" in the drive through came over to "help" me. He then proceeded to refuse to make a deposit for a third party check that my friend had signed over to me for a measly $125 and told me point blank that it is their policy to treat all members as though they are dishonest. I have had reasonable experiences at other branches, but this was absolutely ridiculous, to the point I would like to use some words that are not fit for public consumption.

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Dunaway's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dunaway

Apr 12th 2013

Don't trust these people with your money, or your bill pay.

4, count them, 4 horrific experiences in the 3 years I have been with Zion's Bank. 1- First Debit card I received was attached to my Money Market account. Spent through 1300 dollars of my savings in 2 weeks (Hey, I have plenty in my checking to go out and shop/eat etc... didn't think to make sure my Savings wasn't depleting)

2- Crooks smashed my window and stole my wallet. Zion's allowed these people to FRAUDULENTLY cash stolen checks using my account, even though I had reported my card as stolen, and the perps used an incorrect address on the slip. And don't even get me started on how complicated that made banking for me for 4 months. Every bank I went to thought I was the perp. I couldn't use a drive through for months. YOU ARE THE ONES THAT MESSED UP, AND I HAVE TO GO OUT OF MY WAY?

3- I needed proof of the amount in my checking to buy a house (proof of down) and they had absolutely no way of getting that for me. Basically they told me that I would have to wait until my e-statement came out in 3 weeks. I had to pay 400 dollars to extend my close deadline.

4- Automatic Bill Pay shut off twice. Called and complained, and talked to the most idiotic person ever who basically told me he couldn't find where the mistake had happened, even though I was giving exact dates. Escalated to a supervisor who did NOT call me back when she said she would, and then told me it was my fault because I only had it set up on 1 months' worth of auto payments. Why would I set my payment up for 1 month? It's a reoccurring bill! For internet! So I got a ding on my low 800s credit score, and they don't even have any proof to show me my apparent error.

Believe me. If I wasn't buying a house right now, I would take my money and run as far away from this organization as possible. Banks can't make these kinds of errors with peoples hard earned money. They've obviously forgotten who keeps them in business.

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