By MyBankTracker  Wed May 27, 2009

Open A Chase Checking Account To Earn $100

Chase has a pretty simple promotion running that can earn you a nice $100 bonus. All you have to do is open a checking account and set up a direct deposit or make 5 debit card purchases.


Visit the coupon page and enter your email to receive the coupon.

How to redeem your coupon:

  1. Print out the coupon that we e-mail you.
  2. Take it to a Chase branch near you.
  3. Open your new Chase CheckingSM account and set up direct deposit or make five debit card purchases.

For California residents, please note that this offer is not available, as Chase has not yet fully integrated their services.


Instead, click here for a WAMU version

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  • seungheeeum

    I want to Open A Chase Checking Account To Earn $100.
    However, it is difficlt for me to find page to send an email.

    So, I am sending this email to Open A Chase Checking Account To Earn $100!!!!!

  • carlosrios

    Thank you

  • herbalife

    Great offer

  • Sreekanth Racherla


  • idowuvictorosawemen

    am opening a checck account to get the $100 so am sending my e-mail.

  • herman rabeau

    send me $100.00 coupon

  • herman rabeau


  • herman rbeau

    open checking for $100.00 coupon

  • jose e. hernandez

    I started a checking account with three direct deposits .

  • arrankin

    please help me find this coupon code i opened an account but cant find the coupon

  • arrankin

    can somebody please help me find the coupon

  • RoamerSibilly

    how do i find the coupon ? i already oppned the account and they asked me to get the coupon help me

  • lloydjenkins

    i am unable to locate my 16 digit coupon code to opening for new cking acct

  • Johnnyk882

    I think everyone is trying to find this dumb coupon and no one can find it is there any customer service out there. They say they can't tell you directly where to find the dumb thing. I am so mad no one want's to help anyone find some free money.

  • Leanaknight63

    i cant find the coupon…. anyone?

  • Leanaknight63

    i cant find the coupon…. anyone?