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Union First Market Bank Introduces New Rewards Plan


Union First Market Bank is offering a debit rewards program that gives you different numbers of points based on what kind of transaction you engage in.

How to Earn, Redeem Points

Union First Market will give you one point for every $2 in signature transactions and a point for every $4 in PIN-based transactions. The bank receives more money from the retailer when you process your transaction using a signature than it does when you swipe and enter your PIN. To ensure you’re making a signature transaction, make sure to select “credit” rather than “debit” at the register if you are given the choice.

Union First Market Bank Introduces New Rewards Plan

Union First Market

You earn points when you use your Union First debit card for making routine purchases such as gas, groceries, clothing, car care or bills. Once you make some purchases and accumulate some points, you can visit to view or redeem your rewards.

The Fine Print

It’s pretty easy to earn points with Union First Market Bank’s rewards program: If you have a debit card through the bank, you are eligible. The bank only has locations in its home state of Virginia, making it tough to maintain a checking account if you live outside the eastern seaboard.

The bank offers five kinds of checking accounts with which to link your debit card. Three of the accounts come with interest.

For more information on Union First Market Bank’s promotion, click here.


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