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Low Introductory HELOC Rate From Univest


Univest Corporation is offering $100 cash back on its Home Equity Line of Credit along with a reduced introductory rate. The reduced APR does not last for the life of the loan, but it could give you an opportunity to enjoy a low rate for a few months at the start of the payment period.

Details on the Offer

The reduced HELOC rate of 3.25% is good for the first six billing cycles of the loan, whether or not funds have been advanced from your account during that time.

Low Introductory HELOC Rate From Univest


After the six-month period expires, the APR will jump to the prime rate, as published by the Wall Street Journal. The current average national HELOC rate is 4.29%.

You will also receive a $100 credit to your Univest checking account as long as you take out a $2,000 cash advance during the first six months of the loan.

For more information on Univest’s HELOC offer, click here.


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