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Posted on Wed Aug 18, 2010, Last Updated on Thu Aug 26, 2010

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If Spring is for cleaning and Summer is for lounging by the pool, Fall is for putting in a bit of elbow grease around the house. That means you’ll likely need a fresh supply of home improvement wares for the next few months. From new appliances to blinds to bathroom accessories, it’s easy to potential upgrades for your abode at The Home Depot.

If you’re planning on spending the Fall making some improvements on the home front, the following coupons from The Home Depot might be of interest to you.

EnergyStar Appliances are 10% off if you make the purchase before August 26. With this deal you can buy a washer and dryer combination for less than $1600. Before the August markdown, that pair of appliances would run you about $1800.

20% off all Levelor faux wood blinds and shades, ending September 1. You can also get 15% off on any Levelor blind or shade and free shipping on whichever variety of Levelor product you decide on.

Up to $275 off bath products, depending how much you’re buying. If you buy between $750 and $999 on bath products, you get $50 off. If you up your spending to $1,000 to $1,249, you’ll earn $80. The biggest spenders ($2,500+) are also the biggest earners, bringing in $275 extra.

When you’re spending on big-ticket home improvement items at The Home Depot, it’s important to keep track of your rebates to ensure you’ll receive maximum return on your purchases. If you need a little help getting organized, try the store’s Rebate Tracker. You can select your product by brand and see how much you’re eligible to receive.


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