By Marina Shifrin  Thu Sep 2, 2010

6 of America’s Weirdest Tax Laws

Professionally speaking, taxes are a burdensome charge many Americans are expected to pay on a daily basis. Unprofessionally speaking, taxes stink. Taxes have been enforced as a means to supply the government with money to cover various expenses. Given the nation’s extreme debt and poor economy, many states have needed to get creative with how they tax Americans.

Check out a few of the most bizarre taxes from across the U.S.:

1. Bagel Tax

How do you make a New Yorker angry? Get in between them and a delicious bagel and cream cheese. New York City-dwellers were outraged recently when the city decided to enforce a tax law requiring bagel vendors to add an 8-cent fee for customers who requested a sliced bagel. Even worse, adding cream cheese or other toppings boosts the sales tax. Vendors didn’t bother enforcing the tax until a massive audit hit 2,500 restaurants. Many individuals believe it is because New York is running a large deficit and scrambling to find money wherever it can.

Strangely enough, if you exchange your sliced bagel for sliced bread you can avoid this sales tax altogether.


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