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Bank of America Checking Coupon Code Mortgage Bonus


Bank of America is offering $300 off mortgage principal when you open a checking account at the bank using a special coupon code.

Use Bank of America coupon code CH300EM10. The $300 mortgage principal reduction is valid through December 4. You’ll receive $25 off the principal each month.

Bank of America Checking Coupon Code Mortgage Bonus

You do need to link your mortgage to your checking account in order to redeem the deal. Linking your checking and mortgage entails making your monthly mortgage payments through your checking account. The deal expires December 4. You need to make your payments on time for 12 consecutive months to keep earning the benefit. MaximizingMoney deserves credit for digging up this deal.

Check out more information on linking Bank of America mortgage and checking.

Our Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a home loan, this could give you reason to choose Bank of America. Bank of America’s checking account options aren’t exactly stellar right now, in terms of APY, but the bank can be convenient if you have a branch in your home area. $300 may seem like a drop in the ocean when purchasing a house and taking out a home loan, but as bank deals go, it’s not too shabby.


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