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Discover Card Birthday Month Double Cashback Bonus


Discover Card wants to get in on some birthday festivities. Cardholders can sign up for double cashback when select cards are used for purchases made throughout the month of their birthday.

Discover Card is letting you celebrate your birthday by getting more money back when you swipe your credit card. If you are currently a Discover More, Discover Motiva, or Discover Open Road cardmember, you can earn 2% cashback and Miles by Discover cardmembers earn double miles.

Discover Card Birthday Double Cashback Bonus Details

The birthday month double cashback bonus programs begins on the first day of your birthday month (or the date you sign up, whichever comes later) through the last day of that month. It would be best to sign up now even if your birthday isn’t anytime soon just so you do not forget about the promotion.

The 2% cashback bonus applies to up to $500 in purchases made during your birthday month, so the maximum cashback possible through this program is $10 (or 1,000 miles). It may not be a significant amount but it is still worth the few seconds it takes to sign up.

Purchases made as part of this promotion does not count toward the tier level calculation of your annual purchases. The qualifying credit cards do not earn 1% cashback (or 1 mile) per dollar spent until cardholders make over $3000 in purchases. Cardholders who haven’t met this threshold are still eligible for the birthday 2% cashback bonus.

For example, a Discover More cardmember made $2,500 in purchases (which earned 0.25% cashback) from January to March. If the member’s birthday is in April, the member earns 2% cashback on up to $500 in purchases during that month. The member has not reached the $3,000 threshold to earn 1% cashback on purchases made after April.

Qualifying cardholders simply have to log in to sign up. Visit the birthday month double cashback bonus promotion page.


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  • 3dbman

    Trying to log in to my birthday month is impossible on your web site. It sucks. You need to use the KISS principal, keep it simple stupid.

    • Simon Zhen

      Are you talking about Discover’s Birthday Cash Back Bonus page?

      Currently, the page is working properly. If you find difficulty longing into your Discover account, it may be undergoing site maintenance. Try again a while later or if the problem persists, contact Discover directly regarding the site problems.

  • George North

    I have tried 3 times to sign up for the Birthday bonus with no results. It keeps coming back to the same screen, but does not give me a place to sign up.
    Looks very much like a scam.

  • Schmittace

    same old story, can,t sign in. I keep trying,so forget. ace.pgh.

  • len

    can’t sign in.

  • Sandra Higgins

    Reading the comments,  It looks like I am not the only one who is unable to sign up for my Birthday month.   Any sugesstions????

  • Deanna Clark

    Can ‘t figure out where to sign in. 

  • Hapfiffner

    Can not get on to log in , is this all a joke?Can not sign in. Maybe it is time to move on!!!

  • Simon Zhen

    Discover says that card members should have no problem signing up for their Birthday Month Double Cashback Bonus. Cardmembers should sign up during the month of their birthday (not months beforehand).

    If there are any problems, card members are advised to called the number on the back of their Discover cards.

  • stupid

    I agree with most of the comments it,s impossible to gey on your site.You should use the KISS principal stupid.    signed OLD AGE

  • Bee

    Real customer service would auomatically sign their members up instead on making us jump through hoops, knowing that most of us dont have the time.  Time to get a different card.