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State Farm Bank: Special 15-Month, 30-Month CD and IRA CD Rates


The latest special offers from State Farm Bank are enticing rates on the 15-Month and 30-Month CDs and IRA CDs.

State Farm Bank: Special 15 Month, 30 Month CD and IRA CD RatesState Farm is known more popularly for insurance operations but their lesser-known banking division can dish out a few attractive savings rates from time to time.

State Farm Bank Special CDs and IRA CDs

State Farm Bank offers CD and IRA CDs for terms from 3 months to 5 years. Of its CD products, these are the terms with the special rates:

  • 15-Month CD and IRA CD paying 1.31% APY (on deposits of $100,000 or more, 1.32% APY)
  • 30-Month CD and IRA CD paying 1.71% APY (on deposits of $100,000 or more, 1.72% APY)

The minimum opening deposit for State Farm Bank CDs and IRA CDs is $500. Accounts at State Farm Bank are available to customers nationwide and can be opened online, by phone, or at a participating State Farm agent location.

The early withdrawal penalty for CD with terms longer than 12 months is equivalent to 180 days of interest.

Another note worth mentioning, State Farm Bank even extends the special CDs for Coverdell Education Accounts (ESA).

Compared to Rates at Other Banks

The 15-Month CD from State Farm Bank is earning a yield that is on par with Bank of Internet’s 15-Month CD, which is the leader for that CD maturity term according to banks tracked here on

As for the 30-Month CD, State Farm Bank is offering the leading rate for that CD maturity term.

Here are the leading CD and IRA CD rates to compare with the promotional offers from State Farm Bank:

CD Product Bank APY (as of 2/23/11) Minimum opening deposit Product page
15-Month CD Bank of Internet 1.31% $1,000 View offer
30-Month CD EverBank 1.63% $1,500 View offer
18-Month IRA CD OneWest Bank 1.40% $2,500 View offer
30-Month IRA CD Discover Bank 1.55% $2,500 View offer

The CD rates from competing banks are not only lower, they also require higher minimum opening deposits, which will affect the decisions of customers looking to invest in CDs.


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