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Activist Group Threatens Bank of America with Wikileaks Documents that Prove Fraud


Though only a threat, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) is probably preparing to go into damage control this weekend as activist collective Anonymous plans to release documents on Monday, which claim fraud was committed by Bank of America employees.

The threat of documents pointing to corruption by Bank of America have been stirring since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claimed to have a 5GB hard drive that was once owned by an executive member of the bank back in December 2010. Since then Julian Assange has been hit with a number of his own issues and the Bank of America story went dead.

Well it seems rumors have returned, with a member of the activist team who goes by the Twitter handle OperationLeakS, posted an internal email from the formerly Bank of America-own Balboa Insurance Company late Friday night. After review, the email released does not seem to carry any incriminating content, and instead acts as a teaser to prove they actually had documents.

Activist Group Threatens Bank of America with Wikileaks Documents that Prove Fraud


OperationLeakS is also claiming these documents come from a disgruntled employee that shared emails and documents that prove “fraud” was committed by Bank of America. A representative from Gawker Media attempted to gain an interview, but was denied. They did learn that the documents could disclose conversations between GMAC and BofA on the topic of mixing loan numbers to not match it’s documents so they could foreclose on Americans.

While these claims, are just that – claims. Rumor of documents could be true, as Gawker did speak with an insider close to the matter, who told them he believes the leak is real. They were quoted in saying “From what I know and have been told, it’s legit,” and “Should be a round of emails, then some files, possible some more emails to follow that.”

This is not the first time activists have made claims that where merely a scare tactic. Bank in December 2010, reports where released that MasterCard credit card numbers were leaked and shared over Twitter, but MasterCard, quickly responded that the security breach were false.

Expectations are that the documents will be released on, where activist group Anonymous has been busy.  Last month, they posted thousands of internal emails from Security Company HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, which highlighted a plot to attack Wikileaks and eventually lead to his resignation. will be sure provide any updates on this story as they break.

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  • Bob Walker

    “Image removal — urgent request.”
    No. Doesn’t sound like any kind of coverup here.

  • Joseph Zernik

    Even prior to this release, the evidence has been overwhelming of criminality in Bank of America, following the acquisition of Countrywide. [1-4]
    Practices of Countrywide, alleged as racketeering in the courts, were stopped following the take over of July 1, 2008, under the tenure of Timothy Mayopoulos as General Counsel of Bank of America.
    On December 10, 2008, Timothy Mayopoulos was ousted and escorted by security out of the Bank of America headquarters, in the midst of the Bank of America -Merrill Lynch merger negotiations.
    Within 24 hours after appointment of Brian Moynihan (today BofA President) as General Counsel, the alleged racketeering practices of Countrywide were resumed.
    The evidence was previously published, and forwarded to the highest levels of US Department of Justice, SEC, and banking regulators. All these agencies refused to investigate the matter, even after Congressional Inquiries by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Diane Watson on FBI and US Attorney General.

    Evidence, which was produced by NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo regarding the December 2008 BofA-Merrill Lynch merger was described as “criminality” by Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke and then Treasury Secretary Paulson. [5]

    Therefore, one may conclude that following the BofA-Countrywide and BofA-Merrill Lynch merger, BofA and Moynihan effectively acquired indemnity for criminality. [6-8]

    [1] 10-05-05 Countrywide/ Bank of America [NYSE: BAC] and its President Brian Moynihan Compilation of Records Evidence of Racketeering
    [2] 10-05-05 Chairs of US Congress Committees of the Judiciary and Banking Are Requested to Join Senator Feinstein’s Inquiries on Comptroller of the Currency
    [3] 10-07-06 Complaint Filed with US Attorney Office Los Angeles Against Moynihan Bank of America [NYSE:BAC] Bryan Cave LLP Alleging Racketeering
    [4] 10-07-06 Complaint Filed with US Attorney Office, Los Angeles, Against Brian Moynihan, Bank of America [NYSE:BAC], Bryan Cave LLP, Alleging Racketeering and Large Scale Financial Institution Fraud s
    [5] 09-04-23 RE: SEC v BAC (1:09-cv-06829) State of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Letter to US Congress and analysts’ responses:
    [6] Zernik, Joseph: Securities and Exchange Commission v Bank of America Corporation – Pretense Litigation and Pretense Banking Regulation in the United States (filed in support of Request No 1 for impeachment of US Judge JED RAKOFF and Clerk RUBY KRAJICK, US District Court, Southern District of New York)
    [7] 10-12-19 RE: Securities and Exchange Commission v Bank of America Corporation (1:09-cv-06829) – Addendum to Request No 1 for Investigation-impeachment of Judge Rakoff and Clerk Krajick
    [8] 11-02-05 Request No 2 for Impeachment of Judge JED RAKOFF Clerk RUBY KRAJICK, US District Court, Southern District of New York, in Re Conduct of Lindner v Amex (1:10-cv-02228) s