Renting a Bus is Lame, Rent a Plane Instead

Marina Shifrin

By , Staff Writer
Posted on Tue Nov 29, 2011

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You would think a discount offer totaling a whopping $60,000 would not fly off the internet the day it was launched, but this is not the case for Gilt City’s latest deal.

In a continuous effort to “Make Flying Good Again”,  Virgin America has really outdone itself this time. Partnering with discount offer site Gilt City, Virgin America launched a $60,000 rent-a-plane deal in honor of yesterday’s Cyber Monday.

$60,000 Rental For 145 of Your Friends

If you crunch the numbers correctly and have a bunch of friends willing to drop a dime, this is a pretty stellar deal. Check out this video from detailing the offer:

Think about it: this deal is for 146 people including you, right? If you divy up the cost of the deal it turns out to be approximately $411 per person. To give you some perspective on regular travel tickets: it usually cost between $200 – $500 to fly between the East Coast and the Midwest, often at inconvenient times and with layovers.

Not only do you get the whole plane to yourself and friends, you also get to name it whatever you want. Gilt City has also offered to throw in some amenities for all of those in attendance.

Details of the Deal

Although the offer is sold out, Gilt City has a Waitlist option on the deal page — we are still trying to reach a representative to find out how many more flights will be offered and how many have been sold.

You can fly round-trip to anywhere in the Virgin Mobile domestic network, excluding Mexico and you must redeem by January 28, 2013. The site also mentions that the plane name has to be provided 30 days to the flight and will be permanently assigned to the aircraft. Makes us wonder if a savvy company will pay the $60,000 just for the advertising opportunity.

Since we’re not planning on dropping $60K on this venture we decided to just throw in a link to the Terms and Conditions for you to sift through in the case you plan on signing up for the wait list.


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