Free Fast Food Fest Friday (and Saturday)!

Willy Staley

By Willy Staley
Posted on Fri Dec 16, 2011

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Not feeling fat enough yet this holiday season? Christmas came early this year, and it came wrapped in grease-soaked paper. This weekend is an amazing time for eating fattening food, quickly, and for free. Won’t you eat, drink, and be merry with your favorite quick service restaurants this weekend?

For instance: do you know why this Friday is unlike all other Fridays? It’s because it’s Burger King’s deliciously alliterative Free Fries Friday. All across the nation, participating Burger King franchises will have to give you a free value-size order of their delicious crispy, salty french fries if you ask for one. Free!

That’s right, there’s no purchase necessary. You don’t need to get a Triple Stacker or a Quadruple Stacker or Quintuple Stacker to go along with your free french fries. You probably will though, and that’s why Burger King is giving them away. One per customer, so load up your gas tank to hit every Burger King in town. Depending on how far apart your town’s Burger King locations are, you just might break even!

While you tuck into your free fries (and probably a burger, because you’re a mark like that), make plans with your children to go see Santa Claus tomorrow.

“At the mall, daddy?”, they’ll ask you, with mild excitement and wonder in their eyes.

“No,” you’ll tell them, “at White Castle.”

Because that’s where you can get them free breakfast tomorrow, the 17th. So long as you pay for something, up to four of your offspring get their choice of a Breakfast Slider or Three French Toast Sticks (which are exactly what they sound like they are), along with a small order of Hash Rounds and a small drink — milk or OJ.

Santa will be there, but White Castle notes that you’ll need to bring your own camera if you want a picture with him. Santa will also presumably be at the White Castle in the next town over, presenting you with the unique opportunity to reveal to your children that Santa is not real while eating tiny, tiny cheeseburgers.


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