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New Year’s 2012 Bank Hours

(UPDATE: For New Year’s Day 2013 and New Year’s Eve 2012 bank hours, click here.)

Like the past Christmas, New Year’s Day lands on a Sunday. However, most Americans get to take the next day – Monday – off from work because January 2 will be observed as New Year’s. Therefore, many of the biggest banks will be closed on Monday.

On Sundays, most banks in the United States are typically closed. Even with New Year’s Day coming on a Sunday as well, you’ll have to worry about Monday.

With the high adoption of mobile, online, and ATM banking, you should have little worries for typical banking necessities. If you don’t want that New Year’s party to stop, there’s nothing stopping you from heading to an ATM to withdraw more cash.

The Monday closing would prove most inconvenient to those who planned to conduct a particularly complex banking transaction that requires a banker or teller. So, it would be best to get these chores done today or Saturday (if your bank branch is open).

Bank Hours on January 2

All of the big banks are closed on Sunday while most major banks will be closed on Monday. TD Bank, which calls itself America’s Most Convenient Bank, is typically open on Sundays but it will be closed on January 1. However, branches will operate under normal business hours on Monday.

Bank Hours
Chase Bank Closed
Bank of America Closed
Wells Fargo Closed
Citibank Closed
Capital One Closed
HSBC Closed
PNC Bank Closed
US Bank Closed
BB&T Closed
SunTrust Closed
Fifth Third Closed
Regions Bank Closed Saturday - Monday
Huntington Closed
Commerce Bank Closed
TD Bank Closed Sunday / Open Regular Hours on Monday
KeyCorp Closed
Bank of the West Closed
TCF Financial Closed (Some supermarket branches open on Jan. 1)
BBVA Closed
M&T Bank Closed

Note that some banks have a presence in retail outlets, so these closings may not impact every location. For example, some banks operate in supermarkets, which were open for shorter hours on Christmas Day.

As always, if you’d like to know the exact holiday hours for your specific local branch, call ahead. The MyBankTracker team hopes you have a great New Year’s weekend (have fun but be safe).

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