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Presidents Day Bank Holiday Closings for 2012

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With Presidents Day arriving Monday, Americans should note that some banks are closed on the federal holiday. If you have any financial chores that need to be completed, get them done before the three-day weekend.

Presidents Day, federally known as Washington’s Birthday, lands on Monday, Feb. 20, in 2012.

Most banks observe the federal holiday, but some banks will have branches that operate during normal business hours. Also, the U.S. stock market will be closed on Presidents Day.

Because other companies and businesses may be closed, the open banks may process certain transactions on Tuesday despite having their doors open on Monday.

TD Bank, sporting the name of “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, will be open. To the shock of many customers, Chase and Wells Fargo branches will operate as usual — they’re closed for every other federal holiday. The holiday schedules for SunTrust Bank and HSBC vary for each individual branch as certain locations will remain open while others are closed.

Banks that have branches in grocery stores, malls, and shopping centers may also be open or operating for limited hours.

If there are any important financial transactions that need to be completed, contact the specific branch for holiday hours. It would be better to get things done so that you can enjoy the extra day off.

The MyBankTracker team has compiled the Presidents Day closings for the biggest banks in the U.S.:

Bank Open or Closed?
Chase Open
Bank of America Closed
Wells Fargo Open
Citibank Closed
U.S. Bank Closed
PNC Bank Closed
SunTrust Bank Varies (call branch)
Regions Bank Closed
TD Bank Open
Capital One Closed
BB&T Closed
HSBC Varies (call branch)

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