Credit Card Cash-Back Categories for Q3 2012 Announced

Simon Zhen

Updated on Wed Jun 18, 2014

The next quarter of the year is just around the corner and that means many credit card users will be earning bonus cash back on a whole new set of categories. Many of the categories are seasonally appropriate — with a focus on summer travel and spending time outside.

Chase Freedom, Discover More and Citi Dividend — the popular trio of cash-back credit cards — did not have much overlap in their choice of bonus cash-back categories for the upcoming quarter, which will run from July 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012.

Chase Freedom cardmembers will get more money back when they fill up their gas tanks and their stomachs. Discover More cardholders will will also get bonus cash back on gas but they’ll also collect extra savings for watching this summer’s blockbusters and visiting theme parks. The Citi Dividend card is the only one of the three to offer bonus cash back on big ticket purchases — travel and shopping.

Cash Back Credit Card5% Cash Back Limits5% Cash Back CategoriesLearn More
Chase FreedomUp to $75 for the quarter
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
Card info
Discover MoreUp to $75 for the quarter
  • Gas
  • Movies
  • Theme parks
Card info
Citi Dividend$300 in total cash back per calendar year
  • Airlines
  • Car rentals
  • Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Factory
Card info

All three cards require cardmembers to sign up every quarter, when new categories are announced. Forgetting to do so means the cash back won’t be counted. (Chase Freedom does count backdate cash back for purchases if cardmembers enroll by September 14, 2012.)

Also, existing cardmembers may want to review the current quarterly categories to take advantage of extra cash back before the next quarter begins.

Chase Freedom and Discover More cardmembers are limited to $75 bonus cash back for the quarter (equivalent to $1,500 in purchases.) Citi Dividend does not have a quarterly maximum but there is total annual limit of $300 cash back.

At the moment, Chase Freedom and Citi Dividend Platinum Select are awarding $100 cash sign-up bonuses for new card customers.

In other news, a new credit card from U.S. Bank introduced a new approach to quarterly categories that may disrupt how quarterly categories work in the future.


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