$200 Matching Funds from First Clover Leaf Bank

Willy Staley

By Willy Staley
Posted on Thu Aug 23, 2012, Last Updated on Thu Aug 23, 2012

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First Clover Bank is offering a generous matching rewards program called Round Up Rewards. You can get up to $200 in your savings account. Details follow.

The deal

Open a checking and savings account with First Clover Leaf Bank and get your VISA debit card. Once you set up Round Up Rewards, when you make purchases with the card, First Clover Leaf rounds up to the nearest dollar amount and puts the excess in your savings account. On top of that, First Clover Leaf matches 10% of that amount — up to $200 for the first six months of having the account.


The account

My Great Rate Checking has no monthly fee, and free online banking and bill pay. It also offers a 2.85% APY for customers who meet certain criteria: at least 10 debit card transactions a month, one direct deposit a month, make three online bill payments, and receive electronic statements.

First Clover Leaf Bank has three branches in Illinois.


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