Weekly Wrap: Wind, Rain, Snow and Elections


Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014

It was election week here in the U.S. But truth be told, we didn’t pay much attention. Between the continuing power outages on the East Coast from Superstorm Sandy, new power outages from a nor’easter, and a general disgust with the candidates’ advertisements, we didn’t turn on the TV until this morning. And don’t even get us started on the Internet: political posts on Facebook had us wondering why we were friends with any of our friends.

But when we decided that we couldn’t hide any longer, we logged on and tuned in and found — much to our delight — that the election had turned out as we hoped. The results of a Senate race meant that we at MyBankTracker would have loads and loads of stuff to write about the banking industry in the next few months. Thank you, Massachusetts!

The prospect of a never-ending supply of banking news left us contemplating what other forms of good fortune might await us too. So we put together a guide to what to do with a financial windfall. And just to make sure there was no misunderstanding, we also put together a list of things not to do. Check out 5 dumb ways that people waste money.

Then, the heavens opened and dumped … not snow nor rain, but more good news.

First, we learned that long-suffering customers of online bank Ally would at long last get the ability to deposit checks remotely.

Then we found out that we could use Square Wallet, which used to be called Pay With Square, which used to be called Card Case, to buy coffee at Starbucks just like we always could even before Square’s payment system and its multiple brand names ever existed … but in a way that our tech-obsessed friends assure us is cooler. To be honest, it’s all a little confusing to us. We can’t wait until the electorate chooses between barcodes and NFC.  (And we really can’t wait until folks in this business get better at choosing brand names.)

But just as we started worrying again about sending information from our poorly named banks through name-morphing apps to a barista whose name we can never remember, BillGuard announced a deal with Lemon Wallet. Our tech-obsessed friends assure us this will make everything safer.

Everything except for ATMs, that is. Walking into a dimly lit vestibule in a dangerous part of town is still risky. So we published a guide to staying safe at the ATM.

You may want to pay particular attention to those ATM tips. Odds are the local branch of your bank will be closed Monday for Veteran’s Day.


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