Weekly Wrap: Lunar Landing


Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014

We were thrilled, albeit briefly, when we learned this week that we might realize our long-standing dream to visit the moon. A company by the name of Golden Spike said it planned on flying people to the lunar surface and then back home to brag about the experience. The price, however, turned out to be a bit steep.

Golden Spike plans to charge $750 million per astronaut-wannabe. That’s OK. The moon is far away, and rockets ain’t cheap. Besides, we were willing to sacrifice quite a bit for the chance to look down on everyone we know. Alas, when we read a few of the stories we published this week we realized we’d never save up $750 million.

First, our monthly report on CDs showed that rates on those products were still declining — and that seven of the biggest banks in the country had cut rates yet again in November.  Then, we published our new report on savings-account rates — and the news there was as bleak as the lunar landscape.

We thought we had found a way around this, but just as we were about to put a bogus check in the mail to Golden Spike, we read our article on the dangers of using a post-dated check. Then we thought we might be able to convince one of our wealthier friends to open a joint account with us. But before we drank a celebratory Tang, they read our article on why you should think twice before opening joint accounts.

Fortunately we have kids. So we sat them down and told them that although we’d never make it to the moon, they could — if they started investing now!!

So as the week ended we felt pretty good, all things considered. We’d downloaded some apps to help the kids reach for the moon with their financial resolutions. We ordered some more Tang and we paid the bill with a new mobile bill payment service.

And we started predicting that although our dreams were dashed, our kids would make it the moon.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a perfect record with predictions.


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