Weekly Wrap: Uncertain Year End

Amy He

By Amy He
Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014

We’re wrapping up the last week of the year and while we wish that we could end on a positive financial note, it looks like more uncertainty is ahead of us. The suits of Washington are back in the Capitol for an emergency session during the holiday week to deliberate more on a possible fiscal deal, and things are not looking good.

But despite the uncertainty, the little people must proceed anyway, right?

If you’re seriously hoping to make financial changes next year and you have no idea what happened in banking the past 12 months, don’t worry, we did the homework for you: check out MyBankTracker’s 2012 wrap with a selection of our best and biggest stories from the year.

In keeping up with the standard New Year’s tradition of tackling new projects, this week we discussed the new Jumiya rewards program. It rewards users who exercise by giving them points, which then can be used to redeem various perks. Losing weight and earning cash at the same time? That’s two resolutions in one.

We also warn you not to make these money mistakes, so end the year by weaning off bad financial habits now. Also, always budget wisely.

The IRS has altered 401(k) and IRA account contribution limits, so if you need to start your year with retirement planning, keep that in mind.

Debating what to do with crappy Christmas presents? Look no further, return them if they were purchased at these stores with generous return policies.

Motivate yourself with a big end-of-loan-paying party. You’ll thank yourself later. (No debt and booze, there is meaning to life!)

In banking news, Bank of America is set to close more Massachusetts branches. U.S. Bank has launched a mobile payment option for its mobile app.

Wells Fargo gets cut some major slack when the federal courts have ruled that it is allowed to post checking account transactions that allows them to trigger the most overdraft fees, nor do they have to return the $203 million in restitution charges.

We’re in for a second round of break, so don’t forget to check out which branches are going to be open for the New Year weekend. (Spoiler alert: if you need money for New Year festivities, go to the bank on New Year’s Eve at the absolute latest.)

Have a happy and safe New Year!


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