Weekly Wrap: New Changes Ahead

Amy He

By Amy He
Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014

The first week of the new year is over, just like that. If you haven’t settled into your post-holiday mindset yet, it’s okay, neither have we. But get ready, financial changes are ahead for all Americans: 2013 is here and some semblance of a fiscal cliff deal has been passed by the government.

First order of business for 2013: read the letter from MyBankTracker’s co-founder Alex on our 2012 and our upcoming plans.

The fiscal cliff deal is now done(ish), but check out how you and your taxes are going to be affected. We break the deal down to four main takeaways that you should know about what happens to your income and any investments you might have.

For the new year, we have some tips on how to reach your 2013 savings goals. If you have any interest in starting a new business venture this year (you know, resolutions and all that), we take a look at some of the new ways small businesses are getting funding.

We rounded up the CD rates for the month of December, which continued its downward trend, though the dip last month wasn’t drastic.

In banking news this week, Citi has started a $40 million Hurricane Sandy recovery loan fund with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and The Community Preservation. The loans currently go at below-market rates.

Every Friday of this month is Financial Fitness Friday for Regions Bank. In more banking goodwill, Bank of America continues their “Museums On Us” program, where BoA customers can use their debit or credit cards with the bank to gain free entrance to select museums across the country.

On the technology front, Chase has launched an update to their iPhone mobile app, focusing on credit cards. Meanwhile, new technology is being piloted to test out video-teller functions on ATMs used in top U.S. banks across the country.


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