A “Mobile” Checking Account: 5 Things to Know for the Week

Simon Zhen

Updated on Wed Jul 16, 2014

Green Dot Prepaid card

What is a “mobile” checking account? We’d like to know too. Green Dot announced such an account, which is scheduled to launch this week. Hopefully, we’ll see something that tries to change the game — like Simple and Movenbank.

  • Google introduced Zavers, a new service that provides targeted digital coupons. Users will be able to find manufacturer discounts and save digital coupons to their accounts. The coupons are activated when shoppers’ loyalty cards or phone numbers are provided at checkout. Could the search engine giant transform the digital coupon industry?
  • NCR Corp., well-known for being the maker of ATMs for the nation’s largest banks, has deployed a technology that turns grocery shoppers’ smartphones into a scanning tool. Launched in a supermarket chain in Wisconsin, the success of the technology could change how we shop for groceries in the future.
  • Green Dot, the prepaid card company that recently acquired a Utah bank, is scheduled to launch a new “mobile checking account” on Tuesday. With more and more new, innovative types of bank accounts being offered to consumers by the entire financial industry, we’ll be interested in seeing how Green Dot’s account will differentiate itself.
  • Card-skimming is starting to be a bigger problem in the Midwest, when it has commonly been found in more populated areas on the East and West coasts. Consumers in the area are getting caught off-guard as this type of fraud catches them by surprise.
  • ING Direct customers with home loans may have to make some changes ahead of the upcoming re-branding to Capital One 360. Customers will have to update the routing number and mailing address for mortgage payments. Additionally, customers will see new branding with their mortgage statements.

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