In the past few years, credit card companies have received a bad rap for wronging consumers by doing things like raising interest rates or reducing credit limits.

On the other hand, consumers haven’t exactly been honorable themselves. Savvy customers have discovered ways to take advantage of credit card loopholes to maximize their cards’ rewards program, and rightfully so — why should you get the most out of your spending?

Many of these credit card hacks can put a ton of change in your pockets or result in significant savings.

See which ones may intrigue you enough to try them!

If you have any clever credit card hacks of your own, be sure to share them in the comments.

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  • immerDe

    I have read these same ideas on many other sites. The big problem is that in most towns, from the feedback and in my own town, Roanoke, VA., you CANNOT use credit cards to buy any gift/prepaid card. Articles like this are very deceiving and should explain the limitations up front in large print. Some retailers will let you use a debt card to purchase the items. Suntrust Bank, for example, is linked to Delta airlines and you can amass a lot of Delta miles this way. Also use the debt card to buy money orders. Just redeposit the money orders in a different account, more frequent flyer miles. Also Walmart will let you use debt cards to refill the Bluebird card, again more miles.

  • fern

    whether or not you can do this has nothing to do with what town you live in. I’ve done this successfully by bulking up on Shop Rite gift cards (for my own use, later), just to meet the minimum spend on a bonus points offer.

  • TB

    I have heard of people re financing their credit cards through different people. Maybe in a loop between companies. For example, chase offers 15 months no interest. They ride out the 15 months. Maybe wait a couple months. Then re finance it through someone else. And so on an so forth to avoid paying interest. it’s a lot of work. But sounds like you could actually save money

  • sarah

    You can hack and break into any UPGRADED ATM MACHINE OR BANK ACCOUNT any where in the world with just a software with a code.


    Pour a candle wax or your silver fliud on the black panel line behind your atm card,and the CODED SOFTWARE PIN from me. It works anywhere in the world. But there are different coded pin for different cards. Example: mastercard,visa,etc all have a different code to use, so just name your card and I will give you the coded PIN to use,irrespective of your country.

    Firstly, make sure u don’t have any cash in your ATM CARD, and make sure the ATM machine is loaded with money. Once you. push in your candle waxed card into the machine, then you put in the CODED PIN from me, your card automatically remains DEFAULT, do not check balance, just proceed with withdrawals. But there is limit to daily withdrawals. You can only withdraw 100k or less daily. Any attempt to withdraw more will terminate and cancel your transactions. .

    Firstly, you need to hide your IP(location) on your pc. Then you download the CODED SOFTWARE, install it, launch it and enter every information required on start. After this, logon to the control panel and click on transfer funds, then you will be brought to a page where you will enter the details of the bank account you want to hack. Details like account name, account number, name of bank, country and zipcode. After entering the informations, click submit and the person’s bank account balance will display, then enter the amount you want and click send to card, the money will be sent to your prepaid debit CARD. Then go to any atm machine and withdraw the money.
    NOTE: I advice that you should not use your correct house address on your mastercard billing details to avoid probs for yourself.


    Contact me for the software…please the earlier you get it, the better. Contact me by email:

  • wm3846

    #immerDE- Will Wm Allow You To Reload Your BlueBird Card With Money Orders?

    • According to the account terms and agreement, you cannot deposit money orders into a Bluebird account.