Weekly Wrap: Nemo’s Found You

Amy He

By Amy He
Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014

We’re not talking about the little clownfish. We’re talking about the snowmageddon taking over the Northeast that’s leaving many in the region bracing themselves for one of the biggest snow storms in recent memory. As of this post’s release, the MBT staff is actually looking at the onslaught of snow flying at our windows horizontally. That’s right, horizontally.

This snow is affecting the banks big time: several major banks include Chase and Citibank have either already shut down various Northeastern branches or are planning on closing early. Check back on our post for more updates as they come in. We don’t advise that you go out to the bank unless absolutely necessary, but if you must, call your bank to make sure it’s open to save yourself major weather troubles along the way.

If you’re going to be stuck in for the weekend, there’s a good chance you’ll end up doing shopping. Don’t feel too guilty for it though, because stores offer the best discounts in the month of February. Shop away!

To assuage some of your shopping guilt, get started on those tax returns, because your tax refund may be coming later than usual.

This week, the MBT team talked about where we spend most of our money monthly. January was a rough month (sales season!) but we’ll try to do better in February.

If 2013 is the year you make a huge life change by purchasing a house, learn more about how to get a mortgage. Once you start paying off the mortgage, it’s never a bad idea to put more money towards monthly payments.

ING Direct officially became Capital One 360 at the beginning of the month, but for customers who are anxious about the change, Simon advises that you stick it out.

College costs are not going down any time soon, and neither is student debt. As we near $1 trillion in student debt, it’s hard not to ask, “Is college still worth it?

It’s a common belief that safety deposit boxes are your best bet for putting away important heirlooms and pieces of documentation, but Laura argues that that might not be the case anymore.

That’s it for the week! Readers in the Northeast, stay warm and stay safe.


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