By Laura Li  Tue Mar 5, 2013

7 International Bank Robbers Who Lived Happily Ever After

Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Mikhail KalininWikimedia Commons |

Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Mikhail Kalinin
Wikimedia Commons source

As much as we like to be assured that our money is sitting safely inside a bank vault, there’s something about the audacity of a bank heist that captures the imagination. Why else would there be so many successful films depicting them?

Spectators generally like to focus on superlatives: either the most massive robberies or the most fruitless ones. But the actual heist is only the beginning of the story. What happens afterward is just as important, which is why we rounded up some foreign bank robbers who were caught — or at least identified — but still managed to turn things around for themselves.

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    —And of course, Lenin and Trotsky,
    who BOTH hailed from low level gentry
    ——were entirely funded, groomed and directed
    by Wall Street and the City of London USURY

    ——while STALIN was ‘M’ powered by the Federal Reserve
    ————–and CAP-stone western corporations
    ——————-come of which were created
    ————————just for that role.

    • PaulB

      You saw Trotsky somewhere? Funny, because the caption says Kalinin.

  • Diction is necessary

    I think you mean “audacity” on that first slide.

    • lauraliMBT

      Indeed…good catch!

  • AAA

    Only 7! there are at least a 100 or so more who seem to be living happily ever after on double the money – what they stole and the money we bailed them out with – and they didn’t even have to go on the run they are still sitting at their desks with Executive Officer titles.

  • prakashji

    How come India’s Edvige Antonia Albina Màino is not in the list!!!!! She even has a fake name ‘Sonia Gandhi’ and has syphoned billions out of the taxpayer’s money.

  • robertsgt40

    Wait ti the banks loot the depositors. These guys will pale.

  • Harold

    Why is this so spectacular, the fed . government is robbing the American people blind , while the crooks in the senate and congress get rich. Harry Truman had it correct when he said,” any one who gets into public office and gets rich is a crook.” Enough said.

  • Steve the workers advocate

    Vladimir Lenin is not a thief he was the leader of Soviet Union and a great man !

  • patsaison

    The white collar robbers are savoring their loot, and it is all legalized through the mechanism of systemic corruption, and many of them live in Greenich, Darien and Westport. When they get overly greedy, some get slapped on the wrist, and on occasion the more unfortunate ones get jail time–but such are rare.
    The government higher ups, congresspersons and senators and those white collar robbers, particularly the Wall Street types, don’t have to physically rob a bank–that is so passe. Doing it legally is the new way.