Weekly Wrap: Spring Has Not Sprung

Amy He

By Amy He
Posted on Fri Mar 22, 2013, Last Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014

Amy is a staff writer at MyBankTracker.com. She writes about banking and culture. More Columns »

We’re heading towards the last week of March already! Yesterday was the start of March Madness, and that’s usually a sign that spring is here, but East Coasters are still stuck with cold and gloom.

This week, MyBankTracker created a lot of great content based on a variety of subjects related to finance and money, and if you’re looking for some helpful articles for the weekend, we’ll help you play catch-up:

  • Ally and AmEx cut savings rates last month, on par with many other banks, unfortunately. Check out how your bank fared with savings rates in February.
  • Do you use Citibank? If so, head on over to our Review Roundup of all the reviews that users have been leaving.
  • This week, the MBT team embarked on a $25 money challenge, where we can only use $25 on eating out for the entire week. Check back with us next week to see how we did, or check our Facebook page to see how we’ve been doing so far!
  • Claire writes this week about how she makes extra money with her eBay store.
  • Simon gathers three great credit cards that are good for saving on common monthly expenses.
  • The weather is getting warmer (in some places!), and it’s time for many to plan summer getaways. Here are five creative ways to save on your next trip!
  • For MBT Talks, we discussed the last thing we really splurged on. Some people splurged on travel, clothes, and some even splurged on… a chair?!
  • A college in Missouri is going to stop accepting students that need student loans to pay for their tuition.
  • When you’re young, is it better to save with a 401(k) or a Roth IRA?
  • Social media is definitely changing the media landscape, but how is it changing the way people conduct their job searches?
  • In a new money advice column dubbed “Simon Says,” Simon answers a question on how to send money efficiently to someone else. If you need a money question answered, click here.

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