By  Fri Apr 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap: Have We Opened Your Eyes?

Dolly Parton Press Conference In Sydney (USA ONLY)

Dolly Parton made our list for The Most Expensive Insured Celebrity Body Parts. Can you guess what she got insured? source

In our first MyBankTracker interview, we spoke with a model who managed to put away $500K before the age of 30! We also assembled a visual smorgasbord of celebrity body parts that are insured for astronomical amounts and offered solid money advice and tips.

So let’s break it all down in this week’s Weekly Wrap:

  • North Korea has made headlines lately, so we decided to create a slideshow — click to find out how much Kim Jong-un is worth!
  • We weighed in this week on something many of us are guilty of doing that retailers hate: “showrooming.” A specialty food store in Australia began charging a $5 fee to customers just to enter their store. Check out our Money Chat to find out more.

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