Weekly Wrap: Interviews with Ramit Sethi and First-Time Homebuyers

Simon Zhen

Updated on Mon Jul 21, 2014


Plenty of positive news came out of this week. From the improving jobs market to the the historic highs reached by the stock market, the U.S. economy appears to making its way to greener pastures.

As always, MyBankTracker covered a wide range of money topics, including pet insurance, banking technology and tax refund. Also, we had the opportunity to speak with Ramit Sethi, the author of one of the most popular personal finance books, and a young couple who persevered toward their goal of becoming first-time homeowners.

How knowledgeable are you on the information we’ve shared this week? Do you know enough to be an honorary member of the MyBankTracker team? Or do you need to come to our page much more often? Find out where you stand in our second Weekly Wrap quiz!

MyBankTracker is also hosting a giveaway for Mother’s Day. Let us know what your mom taught you about money and you’ll be entered for a chance to with a $50 gift card!

(MBT writer Katherine Muniz wrote this quiz.)

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