The 4 Most Forgiving Credit Cards With Low Fees

Simon Zhen

Updated on Thu Jun 27, 2013

Life can get hectic. And, when life gets the best of us, it’s easy forget to pay the bills. If one of those bills happens to be for a credit card, it could become a costly mistake. Most credit cards come with hefty late-payment fees and over-the-limit fees, which are followed by a rate hike to the penalty APR, typically around 29.99%.

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To make things worse, a missed payment may end up on your credit reports (if payment remains past due for an extended period of time), which will cause a dent in your credit scores. If the damage reaches this point, you’re looking at higher interest rates for all your loans in the near future.

Credit card companies have found a market in the portion of consumers who fear this detrimental chain reaction that can put them in a tough financial spot. There are credit cards that waive many of the common penalty fees and refuse to impose a penalty APR.

Here are the best fee-friendly credit cards that are currently available:

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