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Veterans Day 2013 Bank Hours: Most Banks Closed

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On Monday, we celebrate the millions of American veterans who served in the in military service — not to be confused with Memorial Day, when we honor those who died while in service. Since it is a federal holiday, many workers will have the day off, and many banks are closed for the day as well. However, the some of the bigger banks are actually open for business on Veterans Day. TD Bank will continue to serve customers on Monday, since Veterans Day is one of the many holidays for which the bank will remain open. Additionally, the supermarket branches of PNC and SunTrust will operate as usual (hours may vary by location).

For those who have banking chores to get done on Monday, it would be best to tackle them today or over the weekend. Since Veterans Day is not considered a normal business day, expect some financial transactions to take longer to process, regardless of whether or not the bank is open.

Meanwhile, it will just be another day for the stock market, which will still be open for the holiday — a treat for investors still hyped up on the heels of the Twitter IPO.

Bank Veterans Day Locations
Bank of America Closed Find branches near you
Wells Fargo Closed Find branches near you
Chase Closed Find branches near you
Citibank Closed Find branches near you
U.S. Bank Closed Find branches near you
Capital One Closed Find branches near you
TD Bank Open Find branches near you
HSBC Closed Find branches near you
PNC Bank Closed (except supermarket branches) Find branches near you
SunTrust Closed (except select in-store locations) Find branches near you
BB&T Closed Find branches near you
Regions Bank Closed Find branches near you
BBVA Compass Closed Find branches near you

Many bank customers will not suffer a major inconvenience from the holiday closings because most everyday banking transactions can be performed through online, mobile and ATM banking. Making check deposits, bill payments and cash withdrawals should be as easy as any other day.

If you are unsure of the Veterans Day holiday hours and schedule of your bank or local branch, it’s always best to contact that specific location.

Anyone who is getting a three-day weekend might want to take some time out to address the money moves that should be done this month.



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