Thanksgiving Day 2013 Bank Hours: All Banks Closed

Simon Zhen

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Posted on Wed Nov 27, 2013, Last Updated on Tue Nov 25, 2014

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Wells Fargo Thanksgiving Day 2013

Thanksgiving Day lands on Thursday, when many Americans will fill their homes with loved ones and their bellies with turkey. And, let’s not forget, as one of the biggest holidays of the year, most businesses will be closed, especially banks.

Every bank in the country will be closed, including TD Bank, which is often recognized for staying open on many U.S. holidays. Furthermore, don’t expect the supermarket branches of PNC and SunTrust to be open either.

The bank is not one of the places to be visiting on a big holiday such as Thanksgiving. Make the effort to visit the bank if there are any financial chores that need to be completed before Thursday. Therefore, you can enjoy the feast without worrying about deadlines and due dates.

As for investors, it’s a day to relax, given that the stock market will be closed for the day.

BankThanksgiving Day 2013Locations
Bank of AmericaClosedFind branches near you
Wells FargoClosedFind branches near you
ChaseClosedFind branches near you
CitibankClosedFind branches near you
U.S. BankClosedFind branches near you
Capital OneClosedFind branches near you
TD BankClosedFind branches near you
HSBC BankClosedFind branches near you
PNC BankClosed (includes supermarket branches)Find branches near you
SunTrustClosed (includes in-store locations)Find branches near you
BB&TClosedFind branches near you
Regions BankClosedFind branches near you
BBVA CompassClosedFind branches near you

If you must deal with any financial tasks on Thanksgiving, remember that ATMs, online banking and mobile banking can be used to manage finances with a branch visit. Common transactions such as cash withdrawals, check deposits and bill payments can still be made.

However, note that Thanksgiving is not considered a regular business day, which may mean that certain transactions will not process until Friday, the next regular business day.

If you have any questions about how the holiday may affect your financial transactions, it’s always a good idea to contact your bank for the best possible information.

With that, enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal and have a happy Thanksgiving! (If you plan on heading out after dinner to nab some Black Friday shopping deals, please stay safe.)

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