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Build Your Career or Earn Quick Cash: 13 Ways to Make Money Online


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These days, the Internet is the place to make money, from quick and easy online gigs for folks who want to make fast cash, to trained professionals who can use their skills to fulfill virtual positions and make money online.

Online gigs to make fast cash

1. Fiverr is a nifty website that advertises its spot as “the world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5.” On Fiverr, you can look for cool services that you want to pay for, or sell and market your own services and talents. The homepage features top-rated sellers that offer services which can help you market your brand or company, entrepreneurial services, music and audio skills, graphics and designs, or are just “fun and bizarre” (one of the categories on their site).

2. Amazon’s latest venture, Mechanical Turk, offers simple opportunities for individuals to make a few cents by completing thousands of tasks for businesses and developers. Human intelligence tasks, or HITs as they are called, range from picking out the differences between two pictures, choosing the best result from a shopping search, entering a link into a box, or a quick translation. You won’t get rich by using this method — the tasks aren’t very lucrative, and you would need to complete a lot in order to actually make something.

3. If you’re interested in giving feedback as a user tester, you can earn $10 per website test and $15 per mobile test at UserTester, which has been featured on media outlets like “Good Morning America” and The Wall Street Journal.

4. Gigwalk is a company that gives everyday people a chance to make money by carrying out basic tasks for companies like Motorola. Users with an iPhone can earn money by conducting consumer research and verifying information in their area. Examples of gigs are taking local business photos, retrieving local pricing information, and verifying signs.

Complete enough tasks and you can treat your gigs as a part-time job, as “Streetcred” points given for quality work and leads to help you access higher paying gigs.

5. Depending on your profession, you can find freelance work online. One example is, through which knowledgeable techs can answer questions and get paid for answering questions. Another site is Be a FreelanceBlogger, whose free ebook offers freelance bloggers and writers 57 sites that pay $50+ per post. (Go to page 2 to see the best online careers)



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  • Monica Sharma

    Yep, lots of people are making money from blogs.

    They do affiliate marketing or put Google ads in their blogs.

    It’s not that difficult.

    All you need is a little common sense and patience.

    When others are earning, you can too.

    I know one Indian guy who earns money from his blogspot blog quite effortlessly.

    Here is his blog –

    Just go on exploring his blog and you will figure it out.

  • Ayamnamor

    Nice info!